January 5, 2017 Eloi Ruart

About building surveys

As most clients have already viewed the property and have agents’ sales information, surveys tend not to describe the location, building, structure, accommodation, services or facilities in detail, but to concentrate on defects and any other matters of particular relevance. However clients can request the more details as necessary.

Surveys can address the following issues:

Plot/land boundaries

In the time available for a survey, it is impractical to measure the land boundaries and calculate the areas. Also this can involve significant effort due to irregular shape, mature plants or steep slopes. Any way, to be accurate it needs to be prepared using appropriate instruments, but this can all be arranged if required.

Nota Simple

This is an extract of the title deed for a property as held in the property register in Spain. A very efficient Internet system enables these to be obtained in 24-48 hours as long as the land reference is available. The nota simple provides the registered description, owner and debts recorded against a property in Spain.

Inaccuracy in the description, both in accommodation or floor area, is important and should be rectified by the seller prior to the sale. It can indicate that improvements of the property have been carried out without permission, as all licences have to be shown before the Registrars accept changes.

Inaccuracy may also mean that a mortgage valuer for a Spanish lender or insurer could have to value on a reduced basis, as they are obliged by law to use the lesser of the actual area or that recorded in the title. Outbuildings such as garages, stores and even swimming pools should be recorded.


Conventionally, the overall (construido) area is the one used for the nota simple and is therefore usually the one quoted in most sales details. Read here full article

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