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[minti_divider margin=”20px 0 20px 0″][minti_headline size=”fontsize-s” align=”align-left” margin=”20 0 20px 0″]Although each project has different specific needs and priorities, we always ensure that we have diligent process that includes, as required:

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  • Architectural and Structural Survey Drawings of existing premises
  • Arrange and coordinate Geotechnical and Topographical Surveys
  • Advice and arrangement of developer’s building insurances
  • Appointment of specialist consultants
  • Management of design process through different stages
  • Agree specifications with Client
  • Value Engineering and Cost Management to maximize investment
  • Building license application and coordination
  • Programming of project stages and building works
  • Preparation of Cost Plans at each project stage and assessment of options
  • Cash flow programme and monitoring
  • Specialist package of works tendering and works contract appointments
  • Coordinate reliable and professional specialist trade contractors
  • Cost control and confirmation of invoices according to contract conditions
  • Supervise quality of workmanship and materials
  • Manage change orders thorough the project advising on cost implications
  • Perform the duties of Arquitecto Técnico as regulated by Spanish law
  • Chairing on site meetings to manage projects
  • Quality Control procedures
  • Regular reporting to Client on progress, cost, quality and actions to take
  • Health and Safety coordination
  • Signing off the Certificado Final de Obra as Director of the Execution works
  • Ongoing snag list aiming at zero defects at completion
  • Management of official documents for connection of services and Registry
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We provide a Fixed Fee based on the project scope and client requirements

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Our packaged contracting approach enables savings in construction costs in the region of 15 – 20%

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[minti_testimonial author=”Mr C. Bridge – July 2015 – Empordà”]I was about to drop my new house build project because tenders from single contractors were coming in at 100-130% over budget mainly due to lack of cost management at design stage.  Eloi was then brought in with the job of redirecting the project towards my budget.  His technical knowledge coupled with his value engineering exercises and cost awareness achieved important cost savings and a new target budget was agreed.  He then changed the procurement process to include packaged contracting and combined this with competitive tendering to deliver significant savings. Further savings were made through his excellent project management service.  The project was delivered on time and with the expected quality.  I wish I had known Eloi at the beginning of the project”[/minti_testimonial]
[minti_testimonial author=”Mr A. Hill – March 2008 – Calella de Palafrugell- Costa Brava”]“Eloi was recommended to me and my wife by a mutual friend, as being the ideal person to project manage the refurbishment of our house at Cap Roig. Since then, we have found Eloi to be extremely thorough, reliable and patient.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him. He organised all of the contractors whose workmanship has turned out to be of a very high standard.  He has kept me informed of cash flow and progress from start to finish.  Not withstanding that I work within the construction industry in the UK, I doubt that I could have managed this project myself.” [/minti_testimonial]
[minti_testimonial author=”Mr D. Milne – June 2007 – Llafranc – Costa Brava”]“I am very happy with the work undertaken by Eloi and if we build another house in Spain I would always use his services. The trades he recommended all worked without problems and on time with a saving on most contractors of 20% plus. If you would like to see the standard of work that was achieved using Eloi I would be happy for you to see my finished house in Llafranc.” [/minti_testimonial]
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